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Advanced Technology Center -
CoverMeter is a revolutionary coverage tool for chip developers, providing facilities for thorough testing with complete coverage of source code, conditions, user-specified expressions and toggles.
CoverMeter page

Agricultural and Food Engineering Around the World
Index to agricultural engineering web sites

Algorithm Inc.-
Developers of Interactive 3-D Graphics Software and Tool-Makers for the Information Superhighway

ARIS Toolset
for business reengineering, combining a high-level business oriented view with document work flow, software engineering, activity-based costing, and project management

Asme Index of Links to Free Mechanical Engineering Software

Autodesk -
AutoCAD; Autodesk develops and markets desktop software solutions for creating, visualizing, and managing the designed world.

Bio Online
Information and services related to biotechnology and pharmaceutical research, combining resources of the biotechnology companies, biotechnology centers, research and academic institutions, industry suppliers, government
Bio-Engineering Job Database Page

Bio Software Marketing
Over 25 years experience in pharmaceutical drug design research, computer policy, chemical/biological databases, and computer hardware and software sales/marketing.

BitWyse Solutions, Inc.
Producer of easy to use, no programming required, plant design software, including Pipe2D, P&ID, IsoSketcher, Equipment Modeler, and Steel2D.

Boss International Inc.
A recognized world leader in the field of civil & environmental engineering software, offering state-of-the-art software programs for professionals in the fields of hydraulics, hydrology, water resources, groundwater modeling and

Calculated Industries Inc.
Specialized calculators for the electrical industry.

California Virtual University
Online classes at 81 accredited California colleges and universities; community colleges to Cal & Stanford. Technology courses, complete online degree programs, etc.

Civil Engineering Resources on the Internet
Extensive list of links to resources for all aspects of Civil Engineering, including geotechnical, hydraulic, hydrologic, geologic, CADD, GIS, construction and much more.

Civil Engineering WWW Virtual Library-
The purpose of this site is to provide a comprehensive list of WWW servers containing information about Civil Engineering, including Gopher servers and FTP archives.

Computer Systems Advisers, Inc
Silverrun tool set includes data and business process modeling tools. This site also includes information about educational and professional services

Cygnus Engineering
three sophisticated software engineering tools: Graphical Extensions for XVT, Orbital Workbench, and OrbitView

diamond software GmbH
CASE Tools for the complete software life cycle

Dynomation is a true wave action simulation program which calculates the wave dynamics and gas particle flow of your specific engine combination.

EASY5 is a family of software tools for modeling, simulation and analysis of dynamic systems. Developed by Boeing, EASY5 is a commercial product sold and used world wide.
Demo/Shareware Download Page

Electronic Engineers' Toolbox
This is a meta-site devoted to indexing all important internet information resources for embedded systems, realtime, DSP, and other electronic engineering areas.

Engineering Power Tools
Engineering software solves common engineering problems quickly, efficiently. Improves productivity, eliminates wasted time hunting through books and performing manual calculations. Free downloads. Win3.x/95/98/NT

Engineering Software Information Exchange
Descriptions and peer reviews of mechanical engineering software.

Engineering Technology, University Of Dayton
The University of Dayton is a comprehensive, private university. Our Engineering Technology programs focus their education on the application of engineering principles.
Engineering Jobs Page

ENGnetBASE is an on-line engineering database which provides access to essential engineering information in many of its disciplines

Engwho: The Engineering Search Engine
Engineering Search Engine with 1000's of engineering-related sites.

Ercoftac Fluid Dynamics Database
From this document, you can access a variety of data, documents and information on flow, turbulence and combustion.

ESSS provides products and services in mechanical engineering simulation, CFD visualization, CFD consulting and computer codes and development of GUI tools for engineering software.

Evergreen Software Tools
Developers of easy-to-use, fully functional CASE and database design tools. Flagship products are EasyCASE, Database Engineer and EasyER for Windows.
Shareware/Demo Download Page

Exa Corporation
Designs, develops, and markets advanced computer-aided engineering tools for simulating and analyzing fluid flow.

Finite Element Resources
Lots of links to Finite Element sites, software, etc.

Fuzzy Systems Engineering
fuzzy logic tools for business and personal decisions

GeneXus is the first intelligent database application development tool. Design the database (including automatic normalization), automatically generate application programs, analyze

GEOPAK Corporation has been developing Civil Engineering software since 1984. More than any other product on the market, GEOPAK was developed and continues to be supported by practicing civil engineers and land surveyors.

ICE Internet Connections for Engineers
All resources in ICE are related to either: chemistry, engineering, math, physics, or other 'hard' sciences.

IDAX develops and implements on-line diagnostic monitoring systems for machinery health and condition assessment, as well as computer hardware solutions for equipment/process control.

Download free trial of TurboCAD 3.1 32-bit CAD for Windows 3.1 & 95
Download TurboCAD 3.1

Israel Engineering Software Ltd
Israel Engineering Software Ltd. (IES) is developing an application generator capability which will provide engineers with a new level of application specific productivity.
Demo/Shareware Download Page

Leverage Technologists
Leverage Technologists is a Maryland based company specializing in software reverse engineering and reengineering tools, training, and services. We offer off-the-shelf tools for C, FORTRAN, Cobol, PL/I, and Ada.

LinearX Systems
develops and manufactures software and hardware based tools for computer aided engineering and/or measurement of electro-acoustic devices and electronics
Demo/Shareware Download Page

McCabe & Associates
Visual Tools for Software Testing, Metrics and Year 2000
Engineering Jobs Page

Micro Creator
a Windows based software productivity tool that incorporates a internal prototyping system and products "C" or SQL source code. A functional demo is availible online.
Demo/Shareware Download Page

Telecommunications engineering consulting firm. Provides advanced network design support, network design tools, database services and measurement hardware.
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NASA Technical Reports Server NASA Technical Reports Server

NASA's list of domain-specific Engineering Virtual Libraries

NPARC Technical Reports Server NASA Technical Reports Server

Parametric Technology Corporation -
Parametric Technology has emerged as the fastest growing company in the mechanical design automation market, with approximately 71,500 seats of software installed.

Penton Publications
Links to many (mostly ME) publications such as: HPAC Interactive Machine Design

Phelps Software
Affordable fluid flow and beam analysis software for mechanical designers and engineers is available from Phelps Software.

Popkin Software & Systems
a leading provider of powerful and modestly-priced repository-based development tools for client/server. MIS. and real-time applications.
Demo/Shareware Download Page

This site is specifically designed for the contract engineer / job shopper in mind. It is neatly compartmentalized into demographic sections headings ie "Nuclear" "Petro-Chem" "Information Technologies" "Overseas" and "Chemical"

Software Solutions
Comprehensive Thermal Analysis Tools for Electronic Equipment

Street Talk
Interactive web site for public works directors engineers and street/road superintendents. Share Great Ideas, Announcements, Jobs, etc. Links to CitiTech Home Page which offers innovative software for public works.

Structural Research & Analysis Corp.-
Developers of COSMOS/M Family of Integrated Tools Powerful, easy-to-use, fully integrated FEA package for MCAE/CAD design and analysis.

T.E.A.M. Corporation
Windows-based EDA tools. Develops and provides component information systems (CIS) for electronic design and manufacturing.

Tech Expo Magazines
Tech Expo's directory of engineering and scientific trade technical magazines

Tecnomatix Tecnologies Ltd
Making virtual manufacturing a reality with Computer-Aided Production Engineering (CAPE) tools.

Turbulence Links Around the WWW
Here are some links to a variety of turbulence modelling and related WWW sites

Unigraphics -
The latest version of Unigraphics CAD/CAM/CAE software is here, including hot new Industrial Design features, and revolutionary CAM functionality.

University of Maine, Power System Certificate Program
The Power Systems Certificate Program is a web- based offering of short course modules that constitute material from a junior/senior level curriculum in electrical engineering. All but the initial fundamental circuits course can

CASE solutions, VERILOG offers state of the art products in software quality assessment and for analysis, design and application generation supporting traditional and OO approaches.

W3 Engineering Virtual Library
Hundreds of links to engineering information and web sites.

Working Model, Inc.
Demo/Shareware Download Page

WWW Virtual Library: Industrial Engineering
Engineering economics and decision analysis, Human factors, Manufacturing systems, Optimization, Production, distribution, and material handling, Statistics, Stochastic systems

Xinotech Research
Metalanguage tools for the automatic transformation of existing software for object orientation, to solve the year 2000 problem, and language translation.